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Our organization already has a Web site. How does it work with net>HIRETM?

net>HIRETM can function as a complete careers section of an organization's web site, or any part thereof. One of the marvels of the Internet is that applicants have a seamless link between your existing site and net>HIRETM. By customizing your net>HIRETM presence to match your organization's identity, applicants will perceive the two sites as one.

Is there a way to link job postings on our corporate site directly to the net>HIRETM online application process?

Yes. Your net>HIRETM presence enables direct links from job postings and job ads, enabling users to go directly to the online application process for each individual job or all jobs.

Is net>HIRETM a job board?

In one sense, net>HIRETM is a private job board. In reality, net>HIRETM offers much more than simple jobs postings. net>HIRETM also provides your own private applicant database; a way for applicants to apply online and complete a competency profile customized to each job posting; a mechanism for rating/ranking applicants based on the 'fit' with your target profile for each position; reports for measuring recruitment and sourcing performance; tracking of applicants through the hiring process; and more.

What kinds of information can we gather from applicants?

All kinds of information can be asked of applicants. You can design your own questions that help assess each applicant's skills, experience, working styles, credentials - and anything else that is important and relevant to the recruitment process.

How many questions can we ask?

As many as you like. However, a key consideration is the length of time required by applicants. Ideally, only relevant questions are required during an initial visit from applicants. net>HIRETM is designed such that further questions can be asked of applicants during return visits, thus reducing the requirement to gather all information at once.

Does net>HIRETM provide question templates?

Yes. A complete set of competency templates are available to get you started. The templates cover applicant personal profile information and typical competency statements. Included with the purchase of net>HIRETM is one set of custom competency statements for the position of your choice.

Can we still accept r�sum�s?

Yes. Applicants can upload r�sum�s, cover letters, transcripts, reference letters, etc. Users can "cut-and-paste" their r�sum� contents into a ready made form, or provide a URL link to an on-line version of the r�sum�.

Can we perform searches on applicants who've applied to other job postings?

Yes. One of the most powerful features of net>HIRETM is the ability to match new job postings with existing applicant profiles previously captured in your private applicant database.

Who owns the applicant database?

You do. Only you are provided with secure access to this information.

What is required to use net>HIRETM?

Any web browser. net>HIRETM is designed for access from any system with a web browser.

Our company is required to post positions in more than one language. Does net>HIRETM support this?

Yes. A feature of net>HIRETM is the ability to customize the templates and the presentation information using the language of your choice. You may choose to customize each page to support multiple languages simultaneously or optionally use net>HIRETM to support multiple separate language templates simultaneously.

What Question Types are available with net>HIRETM?

net>HIRETM supports a variety of mechanisms for presenting and capturing responses from applicants. There is a complete description of each type available for your reference.

Multiple choice
Applicants can choose from up to 10 or more possible settings. There is no limit to the number of answer choices, although we typically recommend 4 choices for competencies. There may be as few as two choices for Yes/No and True/False type questions. Keep in mind that many answer choices do not necessarily provide more information and can slow the process for applicants.

Select list response
Radio Button Response
Check Item Response

Text response
Applicants can provide answers by typing in text, in one or more text fields. You define the correct matching text in advance by entering a list of acceptable answers. Text questions allow you to ask questions without prompting participants with possible solutions. This question type also works well when soliciting short opinions or suggestions on a particular subject.

Numeric response
This type is similar to the text response format. However, you may also define possible numeric ranges of answers. Again you can have one or several numeric entry fields.

Explanation/Help links
Links are available to supplemental text from each answer choice. For example, N/A may appear as an answer choice - with a link to text providing a more complete explanation (e.g., Not Applicable).

What improvements can we expect using net>HIRETM?

One of the most significant benefits of net>HIRETM lies in the quality of hires and the positive impact on retention rates that follow. We've measured actual reductions in time-to-fill by fifty percent, cost-per-hire savings of over forty percent and reductions in the interview-to-hire ratios to less than three to one. The improvements you'll realize may vary, but certainly net>HIRETM can make a significant difference in recruitment performance.

What size of organization will benefit from net>HIRETM?

Any organization requiring assistance with their recruitment process will benefit from use of net>HIRETM. The benefits increase with the number of applicants per job posting and with the growth of your private applicant pool, but you'll realize benefits with your first job posting.

Can't applicants fake their responses?

Yes they can. Our experience is that the rate that this occurs is less than one in one thousand. It is not easy to fake certain aspects of the information collected by net>HIRETM. It is easy to spot those who exaggerate their skills and experience, by comparing with their r�sum� and asking directed questions during a brief telephone interview. These simple checks virtually eliminate 'fake' candidates from reaching the face-to-face interview stage.

How do we know that net>HIRETM is selecting the best candidates for an interview?

The success of net>HIRETM is in asking relevant information. Even with a few questions, you can rapidly assess the most appropriate candidates for an interview. Depending on the level and importance of the position, you'll likely only need as few as five to as many as fifteen competency statements to perform an objective match. Typically, our clients ask thirty to sixty questions, which is not only more than enough for any specific job posting, it makes it easier to rate and rank applicants against the requirements of other positions.

How can we decide who is the best person for the job?

net>HIRETM assessments are entirely objective. There is no bias and applicants are fully aware of the selection criteria. The system is also self-documenting, automatically creating an audit trail of the selection process. net>HIRETM is used to identify the highest quality applicants for interview. The final hiring decision is made after a formal interview.

How can we avoid hiring applicants whose greatest talent is interviewing well?

Using net>HIRETM, it is highly unlikely that "professional" applicants will make it to the interview stage. If any should, we recommend using the candidate profiles provided by net>HIRETM as a tool during a structured interview process. Use this information to validate the integrity of the information provided and to keep the interview focused on the most objective and relevant factors of the selection process.


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