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    net>HIRETM comprehensively matches the hiring manager's requirements with qualified applicants' self-assessed strengths to identify the best applicants for interview.

    Hallmarks of net>HIRETM are: Quality-identification of the best qualified applicants. Speed-contact the best qualified applicants within 24 hours. Volume-the ability to handle a large number of applicants. Efficiency-reduced recruitment costs, costly pre-screening may be eliminated, fewer pre-qualification interviews are required.

    • net>HIRETM enables your company to process and assess a large volume of applicants instantly against the requirements of your job openings.
    • net>HIRETM can process 500 applicants in seconds. By conventional methods this would take 192 person hours.
    • Easily reduces the cost per hire by at least 40%.
    • Hiring managers can customize and set different levels of business experiences, technical skills and work style-cultural competencies, depending upon the requirements of each vacancy.
    • The hiring manager has flexibility to review instantly all applicants who match job requirements, or to rank the top qualified applicants.
    • Web access opens your doors to talent worldwide and gives you immediate access to quality and 'in-demand' applicants before your competition.